Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Deal or No Deal

After the clear up from the awards ceremony of which one or more should have been presented to everyone, I feel rather tired and a little deflated now that the excitement has gone flat. It goes without saying that I am a keen blogger, I love to read and catch up on all my blogs on the side of this page and I make time to read all the blogs which have been announced daily on the Purple Coo site of which I am an avid fan. I would like to think that I have not upset any one by missing them out and that they will accept my apologies if I have. You should all consider yourselves worthy of awards, in all categories. If I have had the honour of being presented with them, then you all deserve that honour too. So, like I said, please forgive me if I missed you out. It was not intentional. And remember, even though it is a great feeling to receive an award of any kind, they are not BAFTA's. They are fun.

I saw a magpie today. I don't see many here and if I do they generally come in droves. However, one flew by and landed on a hedge in my view. What's a girl to do! Wait until I get home to find sorrow upon me? Stop the car and hope another one joins it, sooner rather than later? I can not remember who kindly advised me on the etiquette of magpie introductions, but I was determined not to ask said magpie how his wife was, or spit in my car. Instead I told it simply to "bugger off". And when I got home, Molly had done just that; buggered off. She has a terrible if not annoying habit of following the tractor and when she realises the tractor is in a field, she moves up into high gear. Amy and I spent twenty minutes shouting and screaming for her to come back, our wandering around the farm being a total waste of time, when it suddenly struck me that she would be with the farmer. Thankfully she was. And so was Sparky. Both had not a care in the world as they peered at me through the glass door and I then realised that the malevolent magpie had sought it's revenge upon my rather flippant request of "bugger off".

Sitting in the car park at school today, a good friend by my side, I told her my exciting news. Exciting for me at least, some think it is a joke, others think it is barmy but she was happy for me and has encouraged me to keep going. My exciting news? I have found the ending to my novel. I have decided how I want it to end. That means I have something positive and solid to work towards. I am happy with my decision about an ending and it has given me other ideas of how to get there. My inspiration came as I listened to one of my favourite pieces of music; Adagio by Tomaso Albinoni. I just have to figure out the bit in between now.

I have also had lots of encouragement towards achieving my novel from cyber friends. Getting to know some of you who already have published novels under your belts has been nothing less than inspiring. My family will me on, perhaps a little biased but it helps and my friends at home are all so supportive. Even the farmer seems proud that his wife is actually doing something when sat "relaxing" at the computer, she is not just browsing or blogging. Although to him it might seem that way. When it comes to the paranormal, my husband's belief's are somewhat different to mine. His father was the same and so are most of his friends. I do not expect to share every thing with my husband, some things a girl has to keep to herself, but occasionally I would like his approval. Sometimes I would like him to just peer over my shoulder and say, "wow!" even if he did think it was bollocks.

But what is bollocks to one is the dogs to another. And so I will continue. I have only myself to blame if this novel goes belly-up. I have only myself to blame when money becomes so tight we send Amy and Sparky out to beg on the streets of Alnwick.. But right now, I am excited. I have ideas tearing around my head at break neck speed and a note pad quickly filling up. And what if it does flop. I can always try again. And again. And I will.


  1. You cannot fail if you have tried, good for you have a go and I am sure you will have great success.
    thank you so much for my award, I did miss it I have been hurry and scurry this and missed a few of the blogs, lovely hubby is away saving lives on the IOW next week so I might even catch up a bit as I am on my own. As for Magpies, silly me I aways have to salute and say" Good morning Mr Magpie and how are you today" sad muppet that I am.


  2. Lovely reading you Crystal Jigsaw. Really hope the novel goes well.

  3. go for it Crystal. As blossom cottage said, you only fail if you don't try. And we all get rejections (I got one yesterday!) its part of it so keep writing!

  4. There's alot in the blog this dog always loved being in the tractor - a different viewpoint, I guess. Yes, novel ideas spinning in the head...just started to re-look at mine, while I'm waiting for the next non-fiction commission (if it ever arrives!) - totally different discipline for me and rather unnerving as have no idea what the ending is - need some inspiration like you received....Good luck with it all - Mootia x

  5. It will be great Crystal and there is so much to be said for the trying. Keep at it xx

  6. i admire you so much for having the perseverance to stick with it. I half a half a dozen unfinished ones lying around! I love that Albinoni adagio too. I'll be begging on the streets of Suffolk while you're out in Alnwick!

  7. Good news about the ending - those are difficult. And the best of luck with the novel. Just a thought, but why not send the first chapters and outline off before you do too much. That way you could get some useful feedback in case you are going down a blind alley... I've been down a few of those myself.

    Suffolk mum, why don't you send off your beginnings for perusal?

  8. Well done - it's a great feeling when you know where it's going.

  9. Thrilled you have the ending. I read somewhere that you need to have the ending with you as you write, so there's always a sense of movement towards an inexorable goal. Good luck.

  10. Crystal that is great! Endings can be so tough. I have had an idea for a novel forever based an a very interesting dream (no not that kind of dream). Problem is I woke up before the ending lol.

  11. Blossom - I don't think you're sad, you haven't met me!

    Belle - Thanks for the kind words.

    Flowerpot - Sorry about the rejection but it does spur you on, especially when you know you have something good.

    Hannah - Tomorrow's blog will be so much less to digest! I am currently fuming beyond belief and will have to vent it somehow!

    Pipany - if you don't try, you don't get, I suppose.

    SM - Adagio is an amazing piece. So powerful. Have you got your tin ready?!

    SAHD - Thank you for the great advice. I have been thinking that myself but guess I needed someone else to tell me. Any advice is gratefully received of course.

    Chrish - It did feel good yesterday! I wish I felt as good today!

    OM - Yes, I think that's sound advice too. The ending has given me so much more encouragement.

    Thank you for all your comments, Crystal xx

  12. dgibbs - we must have crossed! I heard once that sex sells! Make it up!!

    Thanks for your comment, Crystal xx

  13. i have faith in your novel, my dear. i love reading your writing.

    and what's the deal with introducing yourself to magpies, and spitting? i do not know that tradition, though i always like seeing magpies. (is that foolish of me? am i courting doom?)

  14. One for sorrow, two for joy, three for a girl, four for a boy... MAGPIE....

    Much preferred Blue Peter myself

    PS.Keep writing the middle bit. TFx

  15. How exciting!
    And i am sure you will have fun getting to the end!

    Is the article of you and Amy on the internet anywhere so i can read it?

  16. So glad your novel is moving along. It feels good to have a project you're working on start to take its final shape in your head. Good luck with it!

  17. Crystal keep on keeping on. It is very important to dream . . .if you don't then you will have nothing to strive for. We don't attain every dream, but even reaching one is enough . . .

  18. That's fabulous that you have an ending. It's so much easier to work toward something when you know what it is.

    I can't wait, crystal. Your writing is lovely.

  19. Great magpie photo. And how exciting to have found the ending to your novel - I'm sure the rest will fall into place now. We've got a tractor-chaser, too - not sure there's much you can do except wait until they're tired enough to call it a day and come back.

  20. Congratulations! Get it on paper...or memory stick, whichever! Good luck.

  21. It's the only attitude to have as a writer, just keep writing until someone says 'wow, I want to publish that'.
    But having great ideas is fabulous....all power to your pen!

  22. Hello Crystal,
    Keep on writing, as I said in the beginning, you certainly have what it takes to be a Writer, I have always enjoyed your writing. Wonderful that you have a lot of material for your book, and how great is that you have achieved the end of the Novel, wishing you all the luck you deserve.



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