Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Creation made easy

The high winds swept me along the A1 to Berwick as I went to discuss the plans for our new kitchen. The quote was almost what I had expected and fortunately bang on budget. A few alterations here and there but on the whole the design spec was just right. Amazing what computers can do these days, or I should say the computer operator. I sat in front of an incredible 3D image of my new units and it certainly impressed me. Bloody clever, is what I thought. Followed by bloody expensive. But, we have made the decision to renovate the kitchen, bringing it into the 21st century and out of the 19th; yes, it never did make the 20th. How my husband and his parents lived in that kitchen all those years I have no idea. I still get embarrassed about it when people come to the house for the first time and usually find myself telling them, "we are having a new kitchen," then I ask myself, when. With fingers crossed and wood duly touched, our new kitchen should be done in the spring. The lambing has interferred somewhat as it will be totally inconvenient to be up to our eyeballs in mess at that time, due to the fact that we are usually like a pair of zombies for three weeks and would probably have no time to offer our workmen the expected standard brew. On the other hand, the designer did mention it might just be possible to have it installed at the end of February. Not that I am building my hopes up, however.

Wait we must therefore do. I have lived in this house for six and a half years and due to my late father-in-law living here too, a new kitchen was scorned upon, after I was told the farm comes first. Of course the farm matters. It is what puts bread and utterly butterly on our table but as I do 90% of the cooking, together with 99% of the washing up I think I am entitled to have the kitchen I want. Bearing in mind I have included a dishwasher in the kitchen plans I would hope that the washing up will become minimal and perhaps even a chore which my husband will embark upon just once in a while.

We have a large pantry which contains two huge freezers, a tall standing fridge, washing machine and tumble dryer. It is of course very handy but I have decided it would be even handier to have a small fridge built-in next to the dishwasher. That way, whenever I make a cuppa, I can save time and energy by simply turning to my left to reach for the milk. Making a cuppa currently involves a trip to the pantry for the milk, trying not to let Sparky in as is usually her wont and bringing it back into the kitchen. The bottle then has to be taken back to the pantry, avoiding once more an excited dog as she desperately tries to sniff everything in the fridge while you are balancing the pantry door with your foot and shooing her out of the way. Gosh, life will be made so much easier by the arrival of a fridge.

Which leads me onto my mum. Of course, to have a fridge in the kitchen was her idea. I had been quite happy to continue our excursions to the pantry but she quite rightly spoke out and suggested that while we are having a new kitchen, we should think about having an integrated fridge. "But what about the other one?" I asked. "Keep it, it will be handy to have two." Do you think that could be what God thought when he created Man? "Now then, Adam. You should need them both at some stage. Perhaps I should give Eve two of something also. Can't have you two squabbling now, can we." If having two is good enough for Eve, then it's good enough for me. And now I shake my head in disbelief that I have become excited about a new kitchen. As undomesticated as I am, this turning point in my life is something that might just help with my culinary skills. Or maybe not. A shelf for cookery books was mentioned but as I do not own any I decided to go for a drop down telly instead.
The photo is Sparky on her favourite chair by the Aga. Unfortunately for Sparky, the chair will go when the new kitchen is installed.


  1. You can't get rid of Sparky's favourite chair! You'll just have to design the kitchen round it. And your mother is right about the spare fridge.

  2. You will beable to bake lots of cakes and make wonderful cocktails for future Purple Coo parties!! :)

  3. A new kitchen, I am so excited for you, we got a new kitchen installed nearly 2 years ago and I love it, our kitchen was an old council kitchen and we blocked off the back door to make more room and had the window made into french doors into the new conservatory and I love it....and the dishwasher is fab. What I love about it the most, apart from the fact it washes the dishes is as soon as any meal is over the kitchen is tidy in minutes because everything is hiding in the dishwasher. Only problem is the hubby thinks it washes absolutely everything (which it doesn't) and since it's installation he has given up wiping round the work surfaces, the dishwasher is not that clever.

    Fridge in the kitchen sounds like a great idea to me and the Adam and Eve description - love it!


  4. You dont sound sad about being excited about a new kitchen. I reckon I'd cream my pants if I got one! (Sorry for being crass, but that's how excited I'd be!)

  5. You're so prolific you put me to shame - I've only just done my MeMe blog!
    So glad it's eventually happening -bet it will be fab. Did you get the Aga renovation sorted out?
    When are we having our get together btw?

  6. You mother is right about the extra fridge. I have one in my kitchen and one in my garage, both full size. It is so nice to have lots of space with five in the family.

    I bet your new kitchen will be gorgeous. I'd be hoping for February if I were you!

  7. Yeah!!! I am so happy you are getting a new kitchen. That is exciting news. A dish washer is a must. Think of all the nice, new memories you will make, with Amy, sitting around your beautiful new kitchen!
    Wishing you luck dealing with the pain of construction messes!

  8. I had a new kitchen fitted last year and I have a lovely big space for a dishwasher. Unfortunately, I have a fold up ironing board, some photo albums and a stack of magazines in there instead. But I live in hope!

  9. Where's Sparky giong to sit then? You cant get rid of it - two fridges, two chairs??

  10. Wakeup & Flowerpot - Sparky has her own basket and usually takes Molly's. She can sit on the floor like normal dogs!!

    OcNorth - Yes, I thought so too.

    Casdok - Problem is they won't be edible, but I guess cyberland won't mind that too much.

    Windy - My husband is exactly the same, I am constantly going on at him about wiping round.

    Vi - Well I guess there's getting excited and "getting excited".

    @themill - I don't think SB can make January now due to his teeth! He mentioned February which I know might be best for you as you are a busy bee. The photo didn't do you justice btw - you are so much more attractive in person.

    Kaycie - But do I have to fill them both?

    Eileen - yes, leaving our own energy on the place after we've gone will be just the ticket.

    Miss.U - I have far too much crap that will get chucked out - no room for it anymore!

    Thank you for all your comments. Photo's before, during and after will be published!

    Crystal xx

  11. I'm sure you'll love the new kitchen. It will be the hub of the house and everyone will congregate in there - it won't just be Sparky you are tripping over but farmers, lambs, chickens etc.

  12. You will no longer have to stuff things and re-stuff them again before long weekends or Christmas as finally you have enough fridges to keep your food in (can switch it off if there is no need for it but by all means keep it) Your new kitchen sounds exciting hope the workmen know what they are doing when they put it up. are you keeping the AGA?

  13. Nice posting and very nice god, thank you,

    Happy New Year, Krystal! And best wishes for a healthy and successful 2008

  14. Oh now I have kitchen envy! Sounds like bliss Crystal xx

  15. How lovely for you! Planning a kitchen takes lots of thought...agree with you about a small fridge close at hand.

  16. That's really exciting news. What will your new kitchen be like besides the fridge?

  17. oooohhh a new kitchen - fabby.
    2 fridges - one for wine and one for food!
    You deserve it, and I am sure you will really enjoy it when it is complete.

  18. Mountainear - gosh I hope not! I want to keep it clean!

    Ivy - Yes, we are keeping the Aga. It's a main feature in the kitchen although it will need a very good clean!

    David - Welcome to my blog. I suppose God isn't all that bad.

    Pipany - I do hope bliss will be the right word!

    Elizabethd - It is nice, it's just the money that it all costs that puts a dampner on it!

    RC - Oooh, I'll have to post the plans I think, I love to share!

    Wizzard - now you know me better than that! I rarely drink.

    Thank you for all your comments, Crystal xx

  19. RC's comment cracked me up! Indeed you haven't told us what the rest of the kitchen will be like at all!!
    And the colour? Have you picked that out yet? and the floor? Ceramic? Granite countertops?

    Oh dear - it sounds like I'm working on my kitchen renos....

  20. What is it about us women and our love of our kitchens. Maybe it is because it is part of nurturing. In a new kitchen cooking (even for me - the smoke alarm queen) becomes an important part of the day. Not just any food - shopping for fresh fruit and veg and free range meat all becomes part of it. Long live our kitchens and all the creative meals we enjoy preparing in them. Love the telly though - maybe you should have it linked to the computer so that you can tell us all on Purplecoo what you are cooking.

  21. We want photos of the before and after, now Crystal. TFX.
    PS. Keep the chair.

  22. Berwick? That's just a few km from where I live in Melbourne!!!

  23. a new kitchen will be wonderful! I would love to have a tall freezer! When we get a bigger house I hope to. I hope they can install it in February for you!

  24. A new kitchen how fabulous! Poor Sparky, you can't get rid of the chair!!!!


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