Saturday, 24 May 2008

Skeletons in the Wardrobe

I thought the cat was in one of the wardrobes in the guest room. The tapping which came from its general direction alerted me to an attention seeking entity. I checked the wardrobe twice but the clothes did not speak. The doors creaked slightly as I opened and closed them, an eerie-haunted house type sound, echoing around the room. I have spent many nights of late, sitting up in the guest room, waiting patiently for that all important message but apart from audible activity, I have yet to decipher a voice of clarity.

It was dark outside, the hour was late. The atmosphere was near perfect for a visiting soul. My eyes scanned the room, transfixed upon silhouettes, disguised in imaginary possibilities. I could almost touch the energy which seemed to circle around my head. My calls were answered by gentle taps, a considerate presence to sleeping occupants. I was aware that I was no longer alone; joined by an invisible force. My patience was being rewarded. Yet I was still unsure as to the purpose and identity of my guest.

But as I continue in my quest for answers, I often wonder if I am the guest. The grounded souls who regularly make themselves known have resided here for many years; they have seen occupants come and go and even welcomed those passed as they make their own journey into a new realm. I suspect however, during my recent vigils, that the soul who catches my attention is a visitor; one with communicative encounter in mind.

This coming week marks a special occasion in my own calendar; the birthday of a man I thought I had lost. A man who affected me so deeply and brought me to where I am today; who still has an incredible influence in my life, so much so that I continue to communicate with him, years after his passing. I am aware that this man could be my guest. But there is also another massively influential character whom I feel may be grounded in this house. His anniversary falls on Monday. One year to that day, my jigsaw was completed.


  1. Eerie, I am thinking, as I sit alone here at 11:30 p.m. in my house awaiting the scratch on the door which informs me that the damned cat has finally come home.

  2. Wondering whether you are the guest is an extremly intresting concept. I like the way you think Crystal.

  3. Sounds like something out of the film "The Others". I do not know how you can live with all this paranormal activity going on. It would scare me witless.

  4. crystal, as usual, I had my witty comment formed before I was halfway through your blog but, not for the first time, you went all serious and I was snookered. I was only going to say that it was me in the wardrobe, but it would be most inappropiate now.

    Nobody can compete with your 'birthday man', I do know that. x

  5. It is odd isn't it to think that we are guests passing through the house we live in - but that is all we are . . . temporary custodians.

    Happy Birthday to the special Man in your life.

  6. Eerie and thought provoking. Like the idea that maybe we are the guests.

    Your final comments make me want to know more about this remarkable man. Will you tell us more?

  7. Did I miss something - is it your father? A captivating story that had the hairs on the back of my neck standing.

  8. When it is dark and it is quiet and then there is a tap on the back of an empty wardrobe door only one thought can go through head.........strange plumber!

  9. Hello Crystal,

    I like that idea that we are guests in the house.

    How is the Novel going Crystal, love the way you write, sure to be a winner.

    Happy Birthday to that very special man in your life Crystal.


  10. Just ask him who he is...he Might tell you....night sweetheart!!hughugs

  11. Crystal, your post has made a shiver run down my back, I honestly don't know how you can be so's the kitchen? I've missd the fitting I think.

  12. My cat also has a cupboard fetish, she likes to have doors to anything open, so that she could go in if she so chose, so almost everytime you open anything she is there trying to get in. She hasn't ended up locked in a cupboard, but she has ended up locked in the shed!!

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