Friday, 12 September 2008

Behind Closed Doors

The bedroom door is always closed, tight. Like all other doors in this house, it will not open of its own accord and needs a firm hand to turn the handle. I was awoken at 2am. A door being opened. Somewhat quietly but due to me being an extremely light sleeper, it was loud enough to alert me and beckon me to look further. The house was, as usual, dark and very quiet. We have no street lamps up here, just open curtains, which if visible, allows moonlight to flood through the hallway and mark out my path between staircases. Past the mirror with eyes that glare through the denseness of night, ascending the stairs towards Amy's bedroom, the guest room and my office. All three doors were open, yet one was always closed before a sleeping child settled. This door was now opened to a dimly lit room, toys and books scattered across the floor, posters, pictures and drawings displayed upon yellow walls. And in the bed, the child continued to sleep, her delicate breath whispering around the room.

I pushed the door, revealing the room a little more; still, in the night-time dreams of my daughter. Unseen hands had not woken her; no warning had been given of a presence in the dead of night. Yet I was there. My senses had carried me once more, beckoned me to communicate with the fascination that remains in my home. Making sure Amy was sound, I gently closed her bedroom door, turning the handle in a way that would apprise me should my attention be required again.

I decided to rest in the guest room for the remainder of the night, the room where children roam free and a rocking horse bows to acknowledge ones presence. The bed in there is so incredibly comfortable yet I could not sleep. I could feel someone stood by the north facing window, a gentle but determined soul, deterring my eyes from the surrounding darkness.


In light of the novel I am currently writing, what are your thoughts on the paranormal? Does it scare you, fascinate you, fill you with dread, enlighten you? Does it make you ask if there really is more to this life, or does it simply make you shake your head in disbelief? It would be interesting to me, to know your opinions. Many thanks, CJ xx


  1. I think that you probably already know my opinions on this, CJ. I must say, though, that when I read accounts of 'happenings' I do sometimes get goose bumps!

  2. Sometimes it makes me goosebumpy. I do believe that paranormal things happen. ButI don't believe it is the dead. I believe there are spirits, but they are not spirits of once living souls. That's why it makes me a bit goosebumpy, but not terrified.

    I'll explain more when I see you if you want me to.

  3. Generally I am very spectical. Yet when I read your blog I find myself putting my scepticism to one side. You have a rare and fascinating gift.

  4. I do totally believe in it but I think one has to be receptive. I think the reason why I beleive in probably differ from most people's. Our home in Cornwall definately had a spirit that needed to be released as such or maybe is just peaceful with us there?

  5. The only experience I've ever had with this type of thing turned out to be other kids scaring me. The idea of such things fascinates me, but because I've never really experienced anything myself, I'm a bit skeptical, I suppose.

  6. Wonderful post. From someone who has experiences like what you describe, you are pretty much dead on in your telling. For as long as I can remember I have had similar experiences. As a child my sister and I "played" with childlike beings in my grandparents home. She describing to me in detail my own experience without my ever telling her anything of them. The description was 100% accurate to the description of the being/clothing/toys etc..

  7. Well Crystal! Look at the different responses!

    Have a question though. Why couldn't you sleep? Were you nervous of the eyes watching you? (wish you had said)

  8. Oh! And Crazycath is coming for a visit?! Lucky you!

  9. Reading something like this in broad daylight, I'm interested. I'm not sceptical. How arrogant of us to assume that there is no world beyond what we can see, touch, experience and explain. Of course there are worlds beyond. But in the dark, in the quiet of night, I'm afraid. I would not choose to investigate as you do. I am always interested to hear your stories, but only in the daylight, and then I don't dwell on them.

  10. Bradan - Glad you get goosebumps, was hoping to create some kind of effect!

    Cath - Look forward to your explanation.

    Troy - Thank you, but you must have an open mind if you are able to put your scepticism aside.

    Liz - Most spirits are peaceful, I'm sure yours just wanted to make contact.

    Kaycie - So would you believe if you felt you may experience something?

    Anon - You sound fascinating. I would be interested to learn more. Thanks for visiting.

    Aims - I know, just what I was hoping for. I couldn't sleep because I was intrigued to know who the presence was. It's human nature to be nervous but I can't stop myself investigating.

    Aims - Yep, Cath and I are meeting up at the end of this month.

    Iota - The dark only means the sun has gone down. It does not change anything. My experiences aren't frightening, perhaps a little unsettling but I'd much rather meet an astral than a 6ft intruder built like a brick privvy!

    Thank you for your comments and your valuable opinions. Crystal xx

  11. I was raised by amother who never doubted the reallity of the spiritual world so I never doubted it myself. I made your experiences but have had family members that could see things that can't be seen by all. Still your stories give me bumps and I very much enjoy reading them.

  12. crystal-you know i have mentioned many times how i'm fascinated with it, but at the same time a bit afraid of it. i think it's the fear of the more 'dark' ones.

    have you happened to see gary's post at about his niece? it's very fascinating...i have sent him here to read your posts, too. don't know if he has commented or not. if i've asked this before and you've answered...i apologize. i forget to sometimes come back and look for an answer LOL

  13. Hello CJ

    I find the paranormal/spirit world both fascinating and enlightening, but have, in the past also found it very frightening.

    I know it's quite a mixture of an answer to your question!

    I believe that there is more to this life than meets the eye. That there are great lessons to be learnt.

    I personally haven't had a paranormal experience for a while now, maybe i'm just not ready, maybe it's not my path to go down?

    What you have is an amazing gift that you have acknowledged. They're attracted to you aura and know that your not afraid of them.

    I will always be fascinated by spirit even if i'm not privileged enough to be visited on a regular basis.

    BM x

    Ps. Thank you for the help earlier. I've sorted the problem and have changed my blog page slightly, hope you like it x

  14. I find it scary and for that reason have avoided living in old houses where there might be an "atmosphere". I try to remain sceptical but often find myself believing in it,particularly as I had an experience as a child which had no logical meaning.

  15. I believe Crystal. I had my own experiences when I was a child/teen. I think if you are open to the idea of spirits around us, the better the perception. Too many things happen that just can't be explained any other way. Plus, there definate feeling that comes, when the experience comes.

    Your blog and upcoming book has me fascinated!!

  16. I had a freaky experience at 14 when me and some friends messed around with a ouija board. Both now, and at the time, I felt it 'served us right' for playing about with it not knowing what we were doing,

    I do beleive in the things that you describe so well, but I don't think I would handle them as well as you do!

  17. Think I must have been with the above poster with that freaky experience - we nearly all got ourselves expelled into the bargain ..but it was weird and I would not meddle with such things ever again. I have seen a ghost and was with a friend at the time and we both saw it. We live in a very strange area where there are lots of myths and legends and i would never scoff at any of them. Whilst that is probably the sum total of my 'paranormal' experience I don't doubt that some people obviously are 'more in tune' with it than others and that is fine by me...I will just carry on reading about it in the daylight!

  18. Oh, I know there is so much more than what I can see. It doesn't frighten me at all, in fact, I find it rather comforting.

  19. Rationally, I don't believe in anything like this, emotionally, somebody like you can scare the living daylights out of me with your stories and I would not sleep easily at your house, although I sleep easily and without doubt at mine. I know it's the living we should fear, not the dead, but I have been brainwashed by Hollywood and scary stories that I've read and been told. My son is at the other side, so what do I have to fear? So, you see how irrational this is.

  20. I am both sceptical and interested. I very much doubt there is any kind of life after death - but I don't know for sure, and I won't until I get there. I often enjoy paranormal elements in stories. If a story is well written I'll happily suspend all kinds of disbelief and swallow time travel, magic, superpowers, alien races etc etc etc.

  21. Crystal - firstly, thank you for your comments on my recent post - much appreciated.

    As for the paranormal - you know I'm a believer and totally fascinated by it all. I agree with other posters who have said that it is arrogant of us to think we are the sole occupiers of our world - there is so much evidence to suggest otherwise if we'd only open our minds.


  22. Beautifuly writen and fasinating!
    A visit from Cath! That should be fun!

  23. Ivy - I expect your family members have many a tale to tell also.

    Ciara - I'll pop over to Gary's post, thanks for the recommendation.

    BH - Welcome to blogland! We all have the ability to sense Spirit and I know you will experience it again soon.

    Rosiero - It doesn't matter whether the house is old or not. I have been in properties brand new that have a wonderful atmosphere. I'll blog about a flat I used to live in soon, it was brand new when I bought it.

    Eileen - Definitely, being open is the only way to accept Spirit into your life.

    Suzysoo - Never use a Ouija unless you have experienced mediators with you. Even then, I would be reluctant. They are all too easy to draw in negative energy.

    SBS - And you!! Always better when more than one of you has seen the aparition or sensed the same feeling etc, it is so much harder to prove by one person's account.

    PT&E - So glad you find it comforting, so do I.

    Irene - You have nothing to fear. Your son will have visited you often, I am certain.

    Zinnia - I hope, in that case, that it will be a long time before you do know for sure. It's good to keep an open mind, however.

    Gary - You're welcome! You are so right, evidence points to more than this life and to keep an open mind will enable one to see that more.

    Casdok - Got a mtg with Cath and I'm really looking forward to it.

    Thank you for all your comments, Crystal xx

  24. In response to the definition of Paranormal as ""any phenomenon that in one or more respects exceeds the limits of what is deemed physically possible according to current scientific assumptions." ... I smile at the controlling term of "scientific assumptions." I do not "assume" the Spiritual to be outside of what is "normal." My personal experience is that the spiritual world is as normal and ordinary as any other aspect of Reality. It just simply "IS." Brian Weiss, M.D. (a traditional Psychotherapist, and Author) "fleshed out" this perspective on Life's Spirit/Soul dimension for me. I encourage any willing and receptive Mind to spend a bit of time with his sharing of experiences.

  25. I'm a Total believer in the other world...I use to be afraid of more...I embrace it because it's just another part of Living! Some people will go, kicking and screaming...not me. When I've done all that I'm here to do, then I'll go...Happy night sweetie!hughugs

  26. I live in an old house that is haunted. A few months ago, I was awakened in the middle of the night by the door knob turning and door opening like that. We have lived here for 20 years are are used to such happenings.

    Popping in via the widget, BTW. :)

  27. It is pretty creepy to me!!!

    I came here via the black box. Just wanted to say hi. :)

  28. Frankly, I think the "paranormal" is simply an extension of the normal, but an element which most of us no longer choose or want to see - and so can't - sensory overload perhaps, eons of fear and conditioning most likely. Of course there is far more to this life than we are conditioned to believe.

    Isn't Black Boxes great! :-)

  29. To add, your writing is beautiful and extremely evocative. :-)

  30. Oh now you know very well that I read the words, ghost, paranormal etc and just think oooooh scary! But rumour has it that ghost stories are the next big thing (I read it in the latest issue of Mslexia). There is an award for you over at mine. xo

  31. John-Michael - Fascinating read. The subject of past life has been one I think about often, yet have little opportunity to discuss.

    Donna - It's a comforting way to live ones existing life, knowing that death is nothing to fear. When ones time is up, it's up.

    Willow - Thanks for popping by. Your house sounds wonderful.

    Crazy mom - Become open to another realm, you won't find it creepy at all, just amazing.

    Absolute Vanilla - I often think people chose not to believe because they find it a scary prospect. And thank you for your kind words.

    DJ - Thanks for the award! Ghosts aren't scary, it's the people that make them that way that are scary!

    Thank you for all your comments and to those who popped by via Black Box - fabulous creation!

    Crystal xx

  32. Hi Crystal,

    I am undecided, but only last night as I turned over to go to sleep with the bedroom door ajar I thought I saw a figure touching the light switch, when looking again I thought my mind was perhaps playing tricks with me.


  33. I think those that do not believe in the paranormal simply have not experienced it. Once you have experienced it - you believe. Period. The house I live in is haunted. In a quest to find out who these souls were, I had a paranormal group investigate. This intrigued me further and I joined the group and have since begun my own group with a paranormal buddy. Not all places we investigate are haunted, as many have activity that can be logically explained. BUT, there are those that leave us scratching our heads and our hearts beating wildly.

    You want to know who inhabits your house? Get a digital voice recorder and ask them to talk to you - often they will. Explain the process, that they need to speak loudly, that it can't hurt them, etc. Ask them any question you can think of - chat with them, see if they answer back. Quite often we get a name and upon doing some research discover a person with that name linked to the place we are investigating. It's a place to start anyway.

  34. I find it interesting

  35. hi - came here after the black box took you to mine (monkeysontheroof). Love your writing and this is a subject that really fascinates me. i am intruiged and drawn to all psychics, mediums and alternative energy healers etc HOWEVER things that go bump in the night really scare me!! dont know why but anyway. I have to be back!

  36. Hello, I have just discovered your blog and have heard great things about it so I am going to enjoy a good read after this. I was always a bit skeptical and had the attitude of I will believe it when I see it, but when both my parents passed away several years ago, there were things that happened that made me wonder. It's been a long time and I can't really remember exact details. Let's just say from then on I have kept an open mind and never scoff when people tell me they have had paranormal experiences.

  37. It reminds me just how much we, as humans, still DON'T know.

  38. It makes me squirelly in my brain. It stands what I normally believe on its ear. Sometimes it makes me shiver, but usually it makes me rise to the potentcy of what might be.

  39. Hello, direct from the Black Box!

    My experience with the paranormal was after my ex-husband died. There was NO mistaking that he came and camped out at my house for a number of months after his death. You could FEEL his presence there, the same as it felt in life.

    It was a freaky experience. Some friends of my mom's finally had to come over and (for lack of a better word) exorcise him from my home. He hasn't been back since.


  40. Greenjello - Thanks for stopping by. I guess with an ex-husband you might well want him exorcised! But I personally always welcome spirits into my home. The odd one have been known to take advantage!

    Thanks again, Crystal xx

  41. I have been a lurker here for quite a while and now black box keeps sending me here too! Love your blog. I started writing a response here and then realised it was way too long so have written it as a post instead. Would be interested to hear what you think.

  42. Great post Crystal - just catching up after far too long. I surely do believe in the paranormal - I'm sure there is a great deal we don't know about. My parents, and Grandmother, were all involved in Spiritualism and so I grew up with an awareness of the spirit world. M xx


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