Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Farm Walk

Amy asked me recently; "when was grandma born, was it in 18 something?"  I had to laugh.  I sometimes wonder if it was 18 something myself.  I haven't seen my mum since my birthday last December.  We speak to each other regularly on the phone and she's been taught a hundred times how to text, but it does't sink in.  I guess some understand, some don't.  I suspect it's from her that I get my unbelievable lack of technical knowledge.  Being born in 18 something can't have helped towards the understanding of the mobile phone, or indeed t'internet. The last time my mum came to the farm she brought her best ivory coloured, sheep skin jacket.  She spent an hour stood at the sink washing off dirty paw prints.

Amy helped me to do a vlog; a conversation about cameras and dogs, and apart from the end where it gets particularly dodgy and Amy almost has a meltdown, most of it has come out relatively okay.  (Minus makeup, in regular dirty farm clothes, and Amy talking too. Amy did the filming and I think she's done a really good job.)


  1. 'May I just speak a minute?'

    love it

    Another cracker, Catherine (I liked your hat and your dogs - and oh, that wind a-whistlin')

  2. Well done to you all! My Little Miss was quite interested in the dogs. Can we see the sheep next??

    Great effort Mrs! ;)

  3. Brilliant - I even enjoyed the camera trauma at the end....

  4. Love it, great interview skills there:) Delighted to see Meg looking to bouncy btw. Jen.

  5. OMGosh...send that cutie across the pond to me....Amy is adorable.."May I speak?" too much. Love your hedgerows and tell Amy well done, my son is a videographer for NBC and I will show her tape to him. Maybe she has found her calling!
    your friend,

  6. Mini liked it where you where talking to the dogs and would like to meet them one day when we visit Alnick castle!! Can you tell that VLOGS bring the boys to themlaptop, as soon as I turn on the sound. I loved it.

  7. fun fun. loved the vid! she did marvelously...

  8. fabulous you are naturals ! so polite and what a lovely giggle ...

    " meggie - come back ! "
    My Mum's border collie Meg had to go & live with my brother in London when mum moved. Country dog turns townie ! She is fiften and went missing last night... happy ending though - was located at a dog pound in Kent. And what's more is being delivered back free of charge !

    here we have to pay a fifty quid fine before the council will tell you where your dog is and then you have to collect them. I know this becase when he was a lad, our elderly golden retriever was a bit of a roamer & ended in the pound on more tha one ocassion !

    Great film

  9. French Fancy - She's not always that polite - I usually get, "shut up will ya"

    Karin - I'll do the sheep next week, just for you!

    Magic Mummy - Oooh, don't. I was trying to find a way to scrub that but I couldn't so thought, what the hell, you can listen to Amy having a mild meltdown!!

    Jen - Yes, Meg is looking good right now.

    Janet - Is there money to be made?!!

    TheMadHouse - You're most welcome, let me know when you're up this way.

    Brian - Thanks xx

    Bad Penny - Oh dear, that must have been worrying for you all but glad she turned up. I guess a fine is understandable as there are so many strays about.

    Thank you for your comments, CJ xx

  10. Loved it CJ, well done to Amy too. She's better at it than I am. Lovely to see your dogs having fun. You were all having fun I think. A x

  11. Me again CJ, forgot to say, the bit about your mum washing her sheep skin jacket made me laugh. Ax

  12. love it! i love seeing where you are. and i have that exact same hat.

  13. my gosh they sell that Hat in Canada too - I've a black version though which my husband won't let me wear in public.
    Amy was fantastic! I think your next vlog should be how to raise a tolerably polite child "May I just speak a minute?" Too cute!
    Even her meltdown was cute - she lasted much longer than mine would have!
    And beautiful dogs.

  14. i think she's better off without all these gadgets we're so hooked on....

  15. Another lovely vlog! And the way you are with Amy is lovely :)

  16. I love me a woman in dirty overalls! lol
    Amy's a gem!

  17. Great to see you in your farm surroundings and your daughter did a fab filming job.

  18. She is funny...I see a future on the TV doing interviews. :)
    The dogs are great!! I love their names.

  19. Boy that sounded windy. made me feel cold just watching it. what a beautiful place you live!

  20. Well done Amy!! A career in the filming business is on the cards.

    Looking forward to the next installment. A

  21. That was great! You both did a really good job. It also looks beautiful there and I really like the sound of that wind.

  22. Your Amy is a very well-spoken lady!
    It's weird to see the lane and say "I recognise that" then realise I recognise it from your blog!
    My guess re your Mum is that she doesn't want to learn texting- she prefers to hear your voice.

  23. Kathy, you were both wonderful. You're so natural and Amy is delightful. I really admire your confidence and can't wait for the next Vlog. Good work.

  24. Gosh your daughter sounds like me! Would you believe at 50+ we had a phone call last week and the person asked "Is your mum in pet!" I howled.
    Hmmm well I am really getting the nerve buid up to do one! Watch this space!

  25. Oh!! Please tell Amy she did a Wonderful job on the filming!! I Love these! It's like being there with you sweetie!!
    For the Next production, tell Amy we need to do "Tea"!!lolol....
    How fun!!

  26. wow we have a film director here lol, this is so real and amazing, thanks for sharing your life with us, its really interesting xx

  27. Another superb 'vlog' - can't wait for the sheep!! Think Amy's got a career in the film industry in the bag!

    Thanks for visiting the Fairweather Blogger again!


  28. Strawberry Jam Anne - Yes, we were having fun. We did a few videos and I did a lot of Amy but I'd rather not show them for privacy reasons.

    laurie - Same hat - lovely and warm aren't they!

    Readily A Parent - I'd wear your hat in public when you're not with your husband, they're so comfortable.

    Shadow - I think you're right. My mum will never get used to technology.

    Hayley - You are too kind. I lived in the town for 31 years before I moved to the country 9 years ago, and I must admit, I've never regretted it.

    Wendy - Patience!! The only way with Amy!

    Glowstars - It's just a good job you don't get aroma-vision!!

    Mummy Zen - Thank you, I hope to see a Vlog from you one day.

    Busy Bee Suz - I think a career in tv is a good thing, but it'll have to pay a lot in order to compensate the farm!

    Heather - It was windy. It usually is! I wasn't sure if it would have been too noisy but I gave it a go nonetheless.

    Ann - I'll keep them coming. Thanks for watching x

    Marie - It is beautiful, I can say that can't I! You like the sound of the wind? It's very blustery on this north east coast sometimes.

    Mimi - I know what you mean. It's so lovely to get to know blogging friends personally isn't it.

    Valerie - that means a lot to me. I don't have much confidence believe it or not and I was umming and ahhing about posting the vlog.

    Mrsnesbitt - I'm looking forward to seeing yours, get it done soon!

    Donna - When you say tea, do you mean my famous cuppa? I'll be sure to pass the message on! She makes a good cuppa so that's a good idea.

    William - I think peaks into people's lives are amazing, but I'm just a nosey old beggar!

    Modern Mother - Thank you !

    Gary - Good to see you on your blog today. I hope you picked up the award on my previous post. You deserve it very much.

    Thank you for your lovely comments. I'll let Amy know you enjoyed her filming.

    CJ xx

  29. Just too cute my friend! Amy is a natural!

  30. Was so looking forward to my first ever vlogging experience but my volume won't work for some bizzare reason - love the hat though, will be back v soon to watch again -this time with sound :)

  31. Loved it! Amy was so funny when she said "can I just speak for one minute" You'll make a camera woman of her yet!

    Are you secretly enjoying this vlogging thing now? x

  32. Fantastic.
    Think Amy is great and I will swap you her for Car ( terrible tantrums at mo'). Looked damn cold there mind - hope you didn't lose any more of the dogs.

    Ps I thought I followed you but apparently I don't but now I do!

  33. I like her interviewing skills! And my dog seemed to be watching your border collies. Or maybe it was the stuffed toy he wanted me to throw to him. Nice vlog!

  34. Fun! I have a similar wax covered coat that I bought in London years ago. It's a tried and true fave.

  35. Well done, what a fun, but windy, thing to do!

  36. What a wonderful Vlog and full marks to the camera girl!!!!

  37. That was the first vlog I've managed to see/hear as my speakers have been dodgy since Dennis the lop eared rabbit chewed one of the wires! I'm very impressed - Amy was very good and conducted a very non-giggly interview for a 10 year old girl! I think she may be going on-line to buy a canon camera from however,as she was remarkably interested in where you bought it, so keep your eye on her!! Nice to meet you - I'll know you if I'm in Alnwick!(as long as you're wearing the hat)

  38. Aims - I think from all these comments about Amy, I need to make enquiries to our local television studios!

    The Wife of Bold - What a shame your speakers don't work (I had that experience for about 6 months). The hat is a Woolworths one.

    Single Mum - Yes, I am enjoying the vlogging. But don't tell.

    BNM - Hey, Amy has the tantrums too, take my word for it!!

    Country Girl - I think George would enjoy the farm, and all my dogs too. They would get on just great.

    Willow - You find a coat that fits and never have it off your back. That's how I am with that one.

    Cate P - Yes, it was very windy!!

    Tattie - Full marks to the camera girl, I'm beginning to get a complex!! LOL

    diney - Poke me if you see me in Alnwick, we can have a cuppa together.

    Thank you for your comments, and again, for your lovely words regarding Amy's camera jobby.

    CJ xx

  39. Loved it! And I particularly love a child that says "May I" rather than "Can I". Top marks for parenting there!!


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