Thursday, 4 March 2010

Love Is ......

...... when your husband sacrifices his evening cup of tea because he forgot to buy a bottle of milk.  That's what the Farmer did.  We get two bottles on Monday and two on Friday, occasionally having to buy another bottle midweek.  But this has become the Farmer's job since I surrendered my driving licence last November.  Only this week, he forgot.  When I went to get the milk out of the fridge in order to make my mashed potatoes, I had no choice but to leave the smallest amount, meaning not enough for two cups of tea.  Where we live it isn't a case of walking to the corner shop.

Most nights at around 9.30, he makes us both a cuppa, occasionally gracing me with a plate of biscuits.  But it meant only one cup.  And he, being the perfect gentleman, insisted that the one cup should be mine.  I didn't marry him for his money, nor did I marry him for his romantic gestures; but I did marry him for love, and of course his night time cuppa.  What is love for you?

I wonder if you would spare a few moments to vote for Sparky in the Boomerang Favourite Pets competition. Amy set it up and she and I would be so grateful. Here's the link : Sparky Huge thanks xx


  1. Until my Mum told me "you can freeze milk" I always used to run out!

    What a lovely man he is . x

  2. How very decent of him, you are clearly a much nicer person than me as i would sulk if i didnt get the cuppa! Love for me is getting up with the girls one morning because he knows I am completely shattered after working 10 days on the trot and dealing with a very disorientated toddler every evening. He can be v thoughtful at times x

  3. Lovely. A cup of tea when you most want it is probably the definition of married love - not exactly a raging passion but actually much better. I did a Valentine's love blog for my OH in a similar vein

  4. I'm so happy you have a wonderful man in your life. And I hope that mash was worth it!!!
    I always keep a carton of longlife in the cupboard - might be an idea?

  5. Isn't it strange what really matters? The cup of tea the ManChild makes for me when the kids are in bed is the best one of the day.
    But couldn't the farmer just milk a cow? (Spot the townie...)

  6. sounds like he loves you to give up his tea. smiles. love is not taking a shower so your wife can have a hot bath. lol.

  7. How wonderful your man is, keep tight hold!! I have a bottle of milk in the freezer and also some powedered stuff in, which I use for bread making now and again. Oh and with FIL being a dairy farmer this isnt something we worry about!

  8. It's not just the milk, it's the whole thing. Mine is pretty much like yours so it seems we're both blessed. I like Brian's comment re shower/bath ... smiles.

  9. the comfort of knowing he's there, sometimes wordlessly, yet knowing he's supporting you...

  10. Knowing that I can always, always rely on him. Cups of tea are always welcome too x

  11. Aww, what a darling man! For me i guess it's when he knows i've had a tough day, he runs me a lovely hot bubble bath, has a glass of wine and my current book ready and waiting for me, and comes in with warm towels when i'm ready to get out. He has also sacrificed his cuppa at times, but like Elaine, i freeze milk. lol. so thankfully not too often. x

  12. That is so sweet! Love to me is the tiniest of things , Like when we go to bed Jon turns the pillow over for the cold side. I call that love :) x

  13. Being on my own i started drinking green tea!!
    Love is seeing C smile :)

  14. Love for me is my hubby working two jobs, so as a young mom I could stay at home with our two boys. He knows he is appreciated...always!

  15. I've been enjoying your blog, looking at pictures and getting a feel for your farm life. It's incredible and I'm so glad I finally took the time out to visit! I'll keep checking back.

  16. Aw! That is so sweet.
    We've got a cupboard full of long life milk cos either we forget about it and it goes off or we're always running out.

  17. The farmer is a lovely man and don't you ever forget it. He's worth a lot to you, CJ. Cups of tea are just part of it.

  18. 3 bottles?! we use 16 pints a week big milk drinkers here!

    Lovely man he sounds very caring.

    Love to me is, believing in me. & support. He's the only person my life to ever show me both :)

  19. What a nice gesture:) Have voted for Sparky, fingers crossed for Amy to win :) Jen.

  20. I've voted
    Hope you and Sparky win, Amy!

  21. Elaine - I used to freeze it too!

    It's a Mummys Life - I can sulk!! Dealing with a toddler, now that is love!

    Ellen - No, not a raging passion!I'll have a look at your blog, sorry I missed that.

    Mari - My mum has longlife, but we're not keen. Mash was good, yes!

    Manicmum - We don't have cows!!!

    Brian - Oooh, hot baths, now that's love.

    TheMadHouse - I intend to keep hold. Dairy farming is good in some respects!

    Valerie - We are indeed blessed.

    Shadow - It's certainly a comfort isn't it.

    Liz - Always being able to rely on him is definitely worthy of the love.

    resewn sally - Wow, that's pure love! He waits on you!

    Emma - Aw, that's so sweet, love indeed.

    Casdok - Absolutely is, same here with Amy x

    Janet - And staying at home with the kids is so important, especially to me.

    madisonwoods - Lovely to see you here; looking forward to your next visit. I'll see you over at yours.

    Glowstars - Another longlife. Maybe I should get some afterall.

    Irene - You're absolutely right, I won't ever forget, don't worry.

    Nat - Believing in you is definitely love, that's so important in a relationship. 16 pints!! Wow!

    Jen - Aww, thanks for voting xx

    Thank you for your comments, CJ xx

  22. we have the same tractor! not that that has anything to do with your post, but there we go.

    What a sweetie he is to forgo his cuppa like that.

  23. It's those little things that say I love you, louder than words.

  24. Love is just that - those little things that show love even when we forget to say it sometimes. Love to me is fidelity, trust and kindness. To be with someone of good character who keeps promises is a true lottery win. My husband is pearl among swine!

    Voted for Sparky - go Sparky go! Tell Amy she did a great job on the video, very entertaining.

  25. Farmer is a "gent" CJ. That was a lovely thing to do. Love to me is having a husband who likes to watch football but doesn't insist on it as he knows I completely dislike it. He watches after I have gone to bed, although he knows I wouldn't mind if he did watch it at any time. Have cast my vote for Sparky - I'm sure you'll let us know the result. A x

  26. Aww, that's really sweet. True love is in the smallest of gestures.

    We have the opposite problem, we don't really use milk so we only buy it when we have guests - and then have to race to use it up before it goes off!

  27. now thats what u call a Gentle man, well done Farmer u are not letting the male population down :) I laughed at this dear, because living on a "farm" you would expect you would have your own TAP of milk lol but guess u dont have cows hehe.

  28. Love a good man!
    my hubby would do the same :)

  29. cool post!!please visit back by blog!!

  30. I always add a beaten egg to our potato and as for milk, hubby decided to have black tea as from last year so I just get the dried stuff!

  31. Love, for me, is the boyfriend getting up early every morning to get to work at the same time as I (he is not a morning person and could start working at noon if he wanted to - *very* flexible working hours) and be home not too late so we can still spend some time together, since I *am* a morning person and get cranky when I stay up too late.

    Love also means that he gets up on Sunday morning and does the dishes while I am busy writing my stories.

    Or that he does everything around the household that I ask of him when I ask it.

    Or that he remembers doing the groceries.

    Or that he remembers I don't like cut flowers and brings me potted plants instead.

    Or him putting up with my moods.


    Well, I guess he loves me. Hope I do just as much to show him I love him, too. (Like leave the living room to him and the boys for some x-box tournament. Or making his favorite peas over and over again, although I despise them. Or doing the household all on my own when I get home earlier, so we will have more time for each other. Or... )

  32. Now that's love for you! I definitely did not marry the husband for his tea-making abilities...I don't think he even knows where it is x

  33. Heather - And don't ya just love JD!!

    Ann - Totally agree, words not needs when a cuppa's on the go!

    MOB - Thanks for your vote xx

    Strawberry Jam Anne - Oooh, the football. Now, he won't give that up!!

    Rachel - I imagine that is a problem!

    William - No, we are sheep & arable. I'm sure you're a gentleman too.

    Michelle - Hubbies unite; isn't it lovely to find someone like that.

    SuE - Of course, thanks for your visit.

    Mrsnesbitt - I've never heard of adding egg to it. Might try that one day as we have eggs in abundance due to having hens.

    Diandra - You obviously have a very loving relationship.

    Thank you for your comments, CJ xx

  34. That is so sweet - I hope you let him have a sip.

    Can I ask - why did you decide to stop driving? Doesn't it limit all your options

    Going off to vote for Sparky now

  35. How lovely he did that for you. The love you have for each other is so obvious from this post: a simple gesture goes a long way.

  36. French Fancy - I had to give up driving because of having epileptic seizures. It's a bloody pain in the arse!!

    Trish - He does love me doesn't he! And I love him too. Awww.

    Thank you for your comments, CJ xx

  37. That really is love and one of the most romantic gestures I've heard of for a long time!

  38. I think I voted Ok.
    Cup of tea rates very highly for me !

  39. Oh, that is sweet!! And a good man!

    and as a sidenote, I had no idea we could freeze milk!!


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