Monday, 13 June 2011

BB: Before Blogging

Ready for our celebratory night out
I was once again overwhelmed with your response to my previous post. Being able to share aspects of my life on this blog means I don't need to spend quite as long talking to the wall and for that reason alone, I am truly grateful for your comments. I find your loyalty and support the biggest and best part of blogging so a massive thank you from the bottom of my heart.

 Now, have you ever thought what you'd do if you didn't blog? Do you sometimes wonder what you did do before you started blogging? It's like before you had children; we all had a life pre-kids, but not many of us (if any) will admit to it being a better life back then. I've been blogging for four years, but it sometimes feels like so much longer. In a nice way of course. I feel as though I've got to know so many people on a personal level and for someone who lives as remotely as I do, that's a very positive thing. Life isn't a bed of roses all the time, there will always be parts of our existence that we wish didn't happen, but in a blog we can talk about it. People can advise us, make suggestions, lift our spirits and help us reach decisions. Before blogging, we had to do all that ourselves.

Does blogging make us lazy in finding solutions to the problems we face? I guess in some ways it probably does, but it's so nice to share our thoughts with others, to ask for help. For me, it's one of the best feelings in the world to know that someone out there is going through the same as you, whether that be something good or bad. It's a consolation that we're never alone. Blogging has taught me that. It's shown me a world outside the little corner in which I live and it's made me realise that no matter what happens in life, there will always be someone who will understand.

I've created a page on this blog where I will promote blog posts. It will be updated on a weekly basis. Recently I've read some amazing posts and I want to share them with you. Blog recognition is encouraging for anyone, so watch out, you could be featured on my list one day!


  1. What a great idea your Blog promotion is> I am sure for some of us newbies to blogging it is good to know that there are other more experience bloggers willing to help us out...

  2. I can't think how it was before blogging! I used to do things that I can't do anymore. Travel further distances, do harder physical work.
    I think blogging is great for people who have to slow down a bit like me!
    I value all my blogging friendships very much and am so pleased that you are sincere in what you do and that you don't take it as lightly as some do.

    A blog promoting page sounds a wonderful idea! Good for you!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  3. It's taken several attempts for this page to open, and now I can't remember what I wanted to say! (Pauses to recollect thoughts)
    Ah yes, before blogging. It took me a while to get into this blogging lark, kept putting it off thinking it wasn't for me. But I missed the interaction I had with my best friend, who sadly died from cancer several years ago. We spent a lot of time on the phone, shopping, gardening, laughing, crying sometimes too, and whilst I knew I would never find anyone like her again, and knew that the friendships made on line wouldn't be as deep and meaningful, I have found great pleasure, fun, sadness, information and inspiration via blogging that I wouldn't have found anywhere else I don't think. Certainly not for me, the person I am, who hates joining anything. So thank you to all bloggers I have enjoyed.

  4. Morning Kathryn,

    What a love photo!!! You look so very happy and I hope you enjoyed your night of celebration.

    I am amazed and will forever grateful for the wonderful friendships( you and Amy included) I have made with my blog.

    You are correct in saying most non-bloggers don't understand that I say...
    "so what!"

    I understand it and thats all that matters.

    Blog on Girl!!

    Janet xox
    Their gain.

  5. I love this post, it makes me think. For me, living in Portugal away from my friends and family, my blog asides other things is a link to them and home. Lately I have been finding it is pushing me a bit more to use my brain, to write things down and that can only be a good thing, as I was beginning to think my brain was turning to mush. I have only be blogging just over a year, and consistently posting for about 6 months, so against you I am still a newbie. Life before blogging......was quieter, but not in a good way and I love to see how others live and like you that we all have the same problems.

  6. I don't think blogging has changed my life but it has brought friendships that I truly value.
    Blogger though is slowly but surely driving me away. I can't cope with the hassle. Having said that I must add that it's only driving me away from Blogger itself ... fortunately there are other blogging avenues.

  7. A blog promotion page! What a great idea... And I too can't imagine a life without my blog. Some of my friends/family ask me why I put personal stuff there and what I get out of it and I can't quite explain it to them. I just know that it's special, you lot are special, and I'd hate to be without you all now.

  8. I live in the sticks, too, and just like you I've found it very useful to be able to 'talk' to a whole load of people, who I'd never come across otherwise!

    Not just daily life, either; as you know I've got a history blog and it's amazing how often an expert comes along and fills in gaps in my knowledge. It's like academic 'peer review' without all the fancy journals and scary professors!

  9. Congrats on the new school for Amy! I can only imagine how excited you all are. I know parents that have struggled for YEARS to get their kid noticed and changed to another school. The struggles with certain teachers/schools...really can take a toll on your mentality. I'm glad that things are working in your favor! I really do love your blog!!! (and I have absolutely NO idea what I did before blogging.......) Hope you have a great week. Your celebratory picture is awesome!

  10. I do remember life before blogging. (Funnily enough I remember what it was like without children as well.) I also remember the feeling of being utterly alone.

    Blogging has shown me there a millions of people out there who are doing, or trying to do the same thing I am, write a good book.

    So YAY for blogging.

  11. I find my blog is my lifeline, BC (before Children) I worked full time. Now I work part time from home, without my imaginary friends to talk to I would go dolally!

  12. Life before blogging? That was "back" when I could do so many things.
    Now, I do different things, and many things differently. Like Maggie May, I guess.
    Blogging has brought me to many new friends, and ideas. It has supported me in difficult times. There are so many people, and so much wisdom, in the blogsphere.

  13. I often think I spend to much time on here. Then I think of the alternative; housework, and realise I always did find a distraction from it. I still go out a lot in the day, but when I'm home, reading blogs, blogging and commenting feels like part of what 'home' means to me. Checked out the promotions page, great idea!

  14. i dunno, i think i let a lot slip by before i was blogging, it has made me capture the moment and squeeze every bit of life out of it...

  15. Blogging is a great pastime and for me a diary. I have got to know so many bloggers over the four years I've been doing it and it's become an interesting and fun part of my life. :)

  16. (Just deleted last comment as I made a mistake!)

    I've been a sporadic blogger for nearly 3 years and love the fact that you can ask questions, share thoughts and construct ideas with other people.

    I often don't leave comments (because of time constraints) and I often don't get any comments on my pages, but people email me instead, which I think is great. I get a few tweets in response, too.

    It shows what a good community it can be and how it can bring people together!

    Keep up your good work (I read it often!)

  17. I love the idea of helping out and often promote others on my blogs too.
    What did I do before blogging - I have no idea. It's amazing to think how busy I was before and thought i had no time and now here I am fitting even more work into every day.

    Just think anyway, if it wasn't for blogging, we wouldn't have met either would we and look at us now - practically sisters!

  18. I've been blogging since 07...Before that? Doing the laundry...Hahaaa...
    Love 'ya sweetie!

  19. Frankie - It is to help newbies out but I also want to highlight some great posts, too.

    Maggie - You're right, blogging is great for those who have slowed down. At my age, that shouldn't be so!!

    Maggie - Blogger is really doing my head in. I'm so sorry about the commenting problems, but thank you so much for being persistent.

    janet - Thank you! Amy took the photo, she's quite the photographer!

    Christine - It definitely enables you to use your brain more!

    Valerie - Phew! Please don't let it drive you away from here, I truly value your loyalty xx

    Rosalind - It's difficult to explain isn't it. But it is special and unless you blog, I don't think you'll ever understand that.

    esmeraldamac - Yes, when people stumble on your blog who add such a great discussion, it's well worth posting.

    Jennifer - We are excited about the new school. I realise it is taking years for some families so we feel very fortunate indeed.

    Anne - I remember before child as well but it feels like a million years ago!

  20. Jen - Imaginary friends, I've got plenty of those!

    Rob-bear - Wisdom and friendships, absolutely.

    Lucewoman - I definitely spend too much time on here but that's because I love it!

    Brian - Yes, capturing those moments is priceless on our life's journey.

    Akelamalu - Same here, I'm not sure I'd ever like to be without my blog now.

    Jayne - I like to get comments, perhaps more than emails, those I wouldn't object to either!

    Lorraine - yes, we have become close through blogging, but let's not forget how much you helped me with research on my book.

    Donna - Laundy - oh yeah, a distant memory, lol.

    Thank you for your comments, CJ xx

  21. I totally agree with everything you say about blogging. For me it is a lifeline (as a single mother with no money for babysitters). And I feel that it has value for others (I am supporting some women going through IVF) and also DD who will be able to read it one day. If I didn't blog I expect I would read more though.

  22. I enjoy blogging so much. Before Blogging I worked on website which I miss and will try to get back. It is Facebook I have found to be a waste of time. Life was been great without it. I could live without blogging but I do not plan on doing it any time soon. I find blogging fun and a great release and I hope my post help people in some way. At lease I am having fun sharing on my blogs and reading other people's Blog.

  23. BTW, how glam do you look in that photo? xx

  24. Hi, what a great idea to have a Blog promotion especially for some of us newer bloggers. It's easy when you start to blog to feel a real outsider and have the thought that your blog isn't worth reading. Yet writing a blog I'm sure for most people is great therapy whether the post is about a serious issue or not.I love writing on mine but ultimitely I love reading lots and lots out there. I had to give up work after being diagnosed with M.E so it's a great contact with the ouside world for me!!

    BTW photo looks great too :)

  25. I've been blogging for nearly four years and I know that before blogging, I watched more tv, and sadly read more books. I say sadly because I miss reading books. I take a LOT more photos now and I edit the ones I use on the blog, so that takes up time as well. But I love it and have met so many wonderful people, some in real life and some through writing. Lovely post, CJ!

  26. Was there life before blogging? I often wonder and then I look on my shelf and see the many journals from years gone by.
    As for the promotion, that's a brilliant idea. I don't have a lot of followers and that's ok, but every now and then when I do manage to write something from my soapbox, it would be nice to hear an alternative comment. We should all do more to promote each other. x

  27. Blogging is the only medium where you truly can feel close to someone who lives at the other side of the world, and who you will probably never ever meet in person. How else can you see their immediate vicinity where they live, read about their daily lives? You can't get to know someone via a one sentence comment on Facebook or Twitter! As we all seem to have become more isolated in our daily lives, so blogging allows you to make true friends across the globe! I love it.

  28. Blog promoting page sounds a brilliant idea CJ. Well done! I've made lots of friends through blogging and another good support system.

  29. I love blogging. Just it can be so hard to find the inspiration to write at the moment. Think I've got bloggers block! If such a thing exists!!! I love the idea of your blog promotion and will be dipping into it regularly form some reading inspiration!

  30. Midlifesinglemum - Supporting others is so important; well done, you.

    Dan - FB is something I don't use very much now. I get sick of having to keep changing settings and asking for people to stop posting rubbish on my wall. I only have friends on there who I actually know, either personally or online.

    mum in meltdown - Yes, it is easy to feel like an outsider and it's very important to encourage others when you've been encouraged yourself.

    Kate - We've been blogging about the same time I think - you were one of the first people I followed.

    Lulu's missives - comments are important and a varied amount is always great to have.

    Technogran - You're absolutely right. I've become with close with many people all over the world and lots in this country too, from different parts.

    Flowerpot - I'll have you on there - another of my first blogging buddies.

    Fiona - Blogger's Block definitely exists. I get it often, believe it or not!!

    Thank you for your comments, CJ xx

  31. I am visiting you from Ginny's blog - oh my goodness how do you find time to answer your emails?

  32. And, like having children, best not to imagine life without your blog. I don't think blogging makes us solution-lazy...and I think it is a great way to reach and meet.

  33. I've just been catching up with your blog. You've been writing about blogging a lot recently! It's all good stuff. I'm like you - my blog is really important to me. I can't really imagine life without it. Is that a bad thing? I don't think so. It evolves as I do.

  34. BEFORE BLOGGING? I rewrote my two volume historical novel and before that did my degree and before that travelled and shopped and....
    After the rewriting I put it away[to be discovered after my death and published posthumously making my children rich] and I pottered, growing ever more frustrated and bored. Then Sazzie introduced me to this wonderful place. At first I posted a couple of chapters of MEG but quickly took it down and began The View from this end. I discovered the joys of having pen pals, finding like minded souls who truly cared and for whom I felt and feel a kinship as close as any friendship I have ever had.

    Thank you for this thought provoking post.

  35. I had a cleaner home before I found blogging!!! You look stunning in your pic, hope you had a great night! Nat

  36. I noticed a venomous comment post is gone. I hope you did not have to endure one...Dad always taught us if we can't say something nice, keep our mouth shut.

    I do love blogging but I find myself measuring my worth by the number of followers and not the quality...shame on me.

  37. I'm following from the Friendly Friday hop. Come visit me back!

    Michelle @ Things Sent My Way

  38. Isn't it amazing how blogging helps you connect with people that are going through or have gone through some things similar as yourself? It definitely does make the world a little less lonely. :)

    Congrats on your feature over at Friendly Friday - so nice to 'meet' you! I'm your newest follower. :)

    Pack Rat Mode: Aloha Stalk Hop Friday

  39. I haven't been blogging very long and while I do genuinely love it, I find it ever so time consuming.

    When you start out it's easy to think all you have to do is write a couple of blog posts, but it's so much more than that. It's commenting and going to other blogs and commenting and before you know it, you've been sat at your computer two hours.

    The reason I do find myself sitting at my computer two hours, is just that though, I love blogging and meeting some great people who share similar ideas.

  40. I am quite new to blogging and need to get around and explore more blogs. I was hoping to meet you at Cybermummy but read somewhere you are not going anymore??? Peggy

  41. I don't think blogging makes us lazy. We still have to sift the advice and make the decisions. We're asking people for their comments, not more than that. Interesting question though.


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