Friday, 3 June 2011

The Future of Blogging

I haven't read an awful lot of blogs this week because I've been busy. I think blogging does tend to tail off for parents who have their children at home during the school holidays, but the other day I read a really interesting post about how many people are noticing a dip in their comments. If I could remember where I'd read it, I would be honoured to link up to it (do let me know if it's you). It made me think. My blog seems to have a lot of up and down days; sometimes I receive masses of comments then other days I feel as though I've written the biggest load of rubbish ever to grace the Internet. Putting this blog to one side for a moment, some blogs I read get absolutely tons of comments, I'm talking more than a hundred here, yet the content is naff. While other blogs I read are wonderfully written, show beautiful photography and only receive the bare minimum. Why is this?

One site I'm a member of is run by the nicest and most genuine lady, contributed to by hugely talented writers, yet people seem to think comments aren't needed. Of course they're needed. How is anyone supposed to know whether their blog is interesting or reaching a wide audience if people don't leave feedback. Some blogs ask a question while others talk about an event. In other words, some blog posts don't warrant comments but surely it's polite to just leave something? I even heard recently that it's become the new trend "not" to leave a comment. Between you and me, I'd be mortified if that started happening on here. I once asked the question on Twitter, "do you think Twitter is taking over Blogging?" I got a few replies saying, "no", but I'm still not convinced. It seems such a shame to go to a really good blog, knowing the author interacts everywhere they go, only to see just a handful of people have actually acknowledged the post. One blog I went to last week had actually turned their comments off, explaining the reason why was because they didn't see the point of comments. Now I'm sorry, but I have to disagree on that. I very much see the point of comments. They're what makes a blog successful. Whatever your blog content (so long as it's not pornographic or abusive), and whoever you are, blogging is all about interaction. I hope blogging will go from strength to strength, because personally, I'm getting a little worried about its future.


  1. I agree. I'm thinking the same, although Blogger has been playing up a lot lately and making it difficult to comment.

    On some blogs I can't log in to comment but I still try to make the effort by commenting as 'anon' and leaving my twitter name.

    Like you say, feedback is important. x

  2. As yet, I don't write a blog, but I have noticed on Twitter the response rate to questions asked can be variable. As it is on Facebook too. Is it because the blog/tweet readers aren't engaging with that post, or just busy doing other things? I would love to read more blogs, but as I am responsible for Orchard Toys' social media (plus lots more)it's all I can do to keep up with Twitter and Facebook!
    When I start my own blog I will try to come from the angle that I am writing it for me, to rant, express inner feelings, whatever. If people want to engage and comment then that's great, if not then it's not the end of the world! But that's just my thoughts.

  3. An interesting post and one I completely agree with.I always try to leave a comment and go and thank people for visiting my blog, but quite often comments on my blog are few.Sometimes I can understand this and that's why I've put (like you) the tick box of how people felt about my post, underneath.I tweet and blog, but its the blogging that I really love. I think that comments went down after the recent Blogger debacle and I wonder if its a technical thing as I know people have had trouble leaving comments on my blog in the past. I agree though that a comment is like discovering a jewel nestled under your post and I never cease to enjoy reading them.Although having said that I don't know if I'd feel that way if they were really mean!! Sarah x

  4. I really enjoyed reading this post and very much agree with your stance. When I see something I like, I always try to comment. Blogging with thoughtful, useful content takes time and comments reward the efforts of that blogger.

    I appreciate the comment you left on my blog and the follow. But I just have one question:
    What is Boost My Blog Hop? :)

  5. I've greatly reduced my own blogging over the past 4 or 5 months. Still, the number of visitors to my blog hasn't dropped very much. Comments are down about 80%. That may be due to my spending more time on FaceBook that visiting fellow bloggers.

  6. Excellent post Crystal. I can honestly say that I don't believe blogging is dying. Its the difficulty of posting a comment and time limitations on the reader that tends to drop the comment rate. Here's my personal example.
    It's a rare morning that I sit at my desk to read posts. Most days I'm reading from my smartphone, many times from my rss reader app. Once I come across a title I'd like to read, instead of reading it in the reader, I click on the title and head on over to the blogger's site. I love having the site in my hand, still experiencing the lovely design and experiencing the words and images they way the author intended it.
    Now I go to leave a comment and I'm greeted with a Captcha or waiting on a google sign in pop up box to open somewhere. THis is time consuming. Even worse, when I really love the post and go through the hoops to leave a comment, blogger specific sites, will sometimes freeze or my comment will just disappear.
    I've got toddlers running around, a house to clean, dinner to cook and clients to work for, how much time I have to spend on leaving a comment is limited, especially when there are more blogs I'd like to catch up on.
    Thanks for this post Crystal. You've just inspired a new post in my head. Found you on MBC and will definitely follow!

  7. Hello Kathryn,
    I don't feel blogging is in any danger of extinction. If you think about it, there are so many more blogs being added everyday, that it is just getting harder to creatively comment on all that I follow.

    If you are blogging for my opinion, you are blogging for the wrong reasons. I blog because ...well, because it's fun. I get to say what I like and it is totally in my control. It's my special place to talk about what makes me want to get up in the morning.
    If others like what I say and comment, that's all the better, but not the end all and be all of my desire to blog.
    A better barometer to use to judge blog popularity is your stats. If I see that 300 people have visited on a given day, but only 10 left a comment..I don't have a problem with that.
    Also bloggers should get rid of the Captcha annoying. I often click out of a site with that. I also don't care for the blogger approval thing. It makes me think they are going to decide if my comment is 'worthy' of posting. If you are going to have a public blog...have a PUBLIC blog.

    So basically it boils down to this...

    I'll start worrying when my stats show no one is visiting anymore...and then again, maybe not

    Janet xox

  8. I get very few comments in relation to the number of readers. Sometimes, that's a good thing given what I'm writing and who's reading it. :) Other times, it would be nice to see more interaction.

    At this point, I've given up predicting which post will generate discussion and which won't.

  9. I yearn for more comments! I enjoy each and every one and reply to them personally...except for the "no-reply" comments...and that bothers me a little...if they can comment, why not allow me to respond?

    I admire people with tons of followers and long to be followed, read and commented on. The communication with different people is the draw of blogging to me.

    I tend to think, on bad days, I have nothing worth reading.

  10. missielizzie - Blogger have totally buggered up haven't they?! I think they seriously need to get their act together now. It's been too long to be breaking down.

    Lynda - It can be time-consuming, but I do think it can also be encouraging.

    Sarah - I love your description: a jewel nestled under your post, exactly!

    Jamie - Yes, it does take time and that to me, is why we like the feedback.

    Nick - I don't see you around much these days, though I do see you on FB. I'll catch up with you there!!

    vanita - Oh heck yes, I know just what you mean. Captchas, word verifications, passwords, email and http addresses are all very time-consuming and I imagine do put a lot of people off commenting.

    janet - Absolutely. Comments and blogging is a hobby and a fun way to pass time. Though I do take it seriously, I would never have a sleepless night over it because I personally don't just blog for the comments. But I appreciate them and would, I admit, be upset if they stopped.

    KWombles - I don't think any of us can make predictions anymore. Note about this below.

    Gail - Communication is definitely important if you want a successful blog, but this means visiting others blogs, too. Joining in blog hops, following others, reading and commenting wherever you go. Every blogger has something worth reading. I feel like that some days, but I still blog!

    Note: I used to make sure I blogged on certain days because interaction always seemed greater, i.e. Wednesdays/Thursdays. Now however, I don't think it matters which day you post. People have busy lives and if they're going to stop by your blog, leave a comment and follow you, then they're always worth having on board.

    Thank you for your comments, CJ xx

  11. I'm one of those people who values feedback. It doesn't have to be a lengthy comment, just a few words that acknowledge my existence. I'm growing increasingly frustrated with Twitter because, even though I do try to engage people, I sometimes feel they could care less about engaging back. It didn't used to be that way . . .

    I don't have a large blog following, so I feel I have nowhere to go but up. LOL! And hopefully UP is where I'm heading.

  12. Crystal, I've got to disagree with you on one point in your response. https and email addresses. i see it as a bonus being able to submit my email address and website info. being able to leave my website address is a sure way that my blog gets exposed to that blogger's readers. leaving my email address means i'll be notified when the blogger responds to my comment. (i just sat at my desk again for a minute and had your pade still opened so i refreshed to see if you commented, but most times, i don't have the time to go back to see if my comment was responded to) Also, sites that are gravatar, commentluv, disqus and other commenting system friendly use my email address to connect to my profile and that displays other methods that help my posts gain exposure.
    ha! you just inspired another post. thanks so much. By the way, huge love of paranormal books. I think it's the only books i read that are fiction. will definitely check out your new book! :-D
    awesomeness I tell ya'

  13. Comments do come in fits and spurts but I think that's the nature of the beast. Some days I'll have 20, other days 6. Some days I think I have really great content, and get nada, other days when I post stupid stuff I get tons of hits. Some days I have the time to read everything but not enough time to leave a comment. Some days I play on the blogs all day. Don't worry. I think the one thing to take away is to remember why we do this in the first place. If you touch only one person on that day, then you've done what you've set out to do.

  14. First time visit here and by golly I will comment. Seems to me we all have our "core" blogging friends...the ones we look forward to reading their comments because it is like talking over the fence like we used to. I always try to leave a comment with people that visit me and continue to do so. After leaving several comments and they don't respond in kind then I have to admit I move on....there is just only so much time to spend on the computer for me. Looking forward to reading your past and future posts..

  15. I like comments, if only to show people are reading my posts and not just flicking them on and off. I hope the lack of comments recently has just been because blogger has been playing up. I will look at one or two blogs on here and leave comments.....just to show I understand their importance!

  16. As I say on my own blog, "a one-sided conversation is no fun." That's why I blog; for the conversation — for sharing ideas, and sometimes for whimsy. Which is why I try to read your blog regularly.

    Never saw much fascination of sharing life at 140 characters per Tweet. I don't find Facebook much better, which is why I seldom go there. Well-crafted blogs, on the other hand, are a delight. Like yours, Kathryn.

  17. I can't see Twitter taking over blogging. You can't really discuss anything in depth via Twitter.

    I do think that anybody's blog tends to have ups and downs in readership, commenting, and visits. And that's okay.

  18. Melissa - Yes, I agree. Twitter can be like that. I'm always having a Twitter cull with those who never respond to me. Then again, I'm often unfollowed on Twitter too.

    vanita - Do you know, you're right; email addresses and https are important. I think using Blogger is does make it more different to respond personally because you can only go on the email address or the blog link. There are some blogging platforms that give you the opportunity to engage fully through emails, but I do actually prefer to engage on my comments page. I like to involve everyone in on the comment, and hope it sparks a debate or conversation. Do check out Discovery at Rosehill. I ship all over the world if you might be interested.

    Anne - Same here! I've written some cracking blog posts and get less comments than if I've hardly written anything at all!!

    ain't for city gals - Welcome! Another great description - talking over the fence, that's a fabulous way to look at comments.

    Sheffy - I think it could be a mixture to be honest. The Blogger problems have contributed to lack of comments, but I also think there is another issue which I'll be blogging about probably on Monday. The amount of blogs!

    Rob-bear - No fun at all, I totally agree. I do try to engage, I really do, and often I fail to leave replies because, like every one else, I just don't have enough hours in the day. Tweeting is fun but it can get quite annoying when you feel you're tweeting to yourself.

    Lydia - One of my favourite names! yes, it is okay and it's not something we should become obsessed with in my opinion.

    Thank you for your great comments, CJ xx

  19. I have noticed a dip in comments but then many of my once regulars are now not blogging at all.
    I hope that people won't give up commenting altogether because there has to be a two way communication going on to make any sense out of anything.
    I also get annoyed if I have taken the trouble to read someone's post & then am blocked from commenting.
    I am extremely grateful for all comments!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  20. I always try to leave a comment - except when I really don't have anything to say. And I always go and comment on the blogs of people who leave me a comment. However, I also cannot work out why some people get loads of comments and others don't. I don't get many comments and I love what I write ;-)

  21. I leave a post if I've got something to say or a question has been asked. I think it's only polite.
    I don't believe blogging is going to die any time soon as it's so much easier to follow than twitter for you average person.

  22. I think FaceBook has really become the "second" home to a Lot of my blogger buddies...I'm on Twitter and yet hardly any of my buddies are...but I can travel over to FB and there they are.
    I'm with you on the comments...I love it when people take time to tell me what they think...I think it just shows that person is important to you. To Me, it's not about quantity...but quality.
    I continue to visit here because I love and care about you and your family...You're "good People"...
    You have a Wonderful weekend sweetheart!

  23. Comments are nice. I agree. Blogging is fun....entertaining and relaxing.....I do think people can get too caught up in other people's lives through reading blogs. And....comparisions turn into jealousy...then into some hateful/spiteful comments. Sometimes it's hard to find balance in it all...that's why I don't read too many blogs. I hardly ever comment on other blogs unless I have time to read the entire post and I sincerely like the content. However if someone follows my blog or comments I do always tend to return the favor..comment and follow back. I just think it's common courtesy to do so. Lately I've been at a loss of topics other than fun stuff that we do as a family. I wish I could increase traffic to my blog, but it's not a major goal right now. I've got to be busy living life.......REAL life outside of the world wide web. I completely agree with everything you said. It's nice to comment on blogs as well as it is to read comments on your own blog . I enjoy your blog. I wish I had more time to read and comment more often. =(

  24. Maggie - Same here. A lot of my earlier readers/followers have either stopped blogging or have moved on. It happens, even though many, like yourself, have been coming here for years!

    midlifesinglemum - It's something I'll never work out! Why do some gets tons of comments and some don't? I wonder if it's mutual interaction or just a case of needing to update your blogroll.

    Jacq - I do hope you're right. I love Twitter but I love blogging more!

    Donna - I use FB almost daily but don't really do a lot on there. I much prefer blogging. I find it more personal and I've got to know many lovely people through the blog (including you).

    Jennifer - Time is very precious for everyone and blogging can often take over ones life. I do get caught up in blogs, especially those I read regularly, but I enjoy that.

    Thank you for your comments, CJ xx

  25. This post really interested me because you have so many followers (and I have so few yet feel the same). Comments are very important, and I tend to leave feedback for every post I read, also try to trackback/read the other comments. I am new to blogging and my posts are 98% nonsense, but nothing is better than getting a comment, every single one means a lot. I'm not sure how 'cool' it os to comment on some blogs I read. Some have upwards of 500 followers and never any comments, so I wonder if the author prefers it that way. People should keep commenting otherwise it's like talking to yourself, and I feel almost embarrassed when that happens!
    p.s i'm glad you like getting comments, sometimes I feel I post too long a reply, but hopefully that's preferable to reading and running.

  26. Thanks for your thoughts. I do hope it keeps growing, because I've loved what its brought and taught me so far.

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

  27. I feel I really should reply to this now I've read it!! I think comments are very important to blogs. Makes me rather sad when I don't get any comments on a post. Sometimes I'll post the link to my latest post on twitter and whilst it's lovely when people reply there, I'd much rather they commented on the actual blog.

  28. I think that the problem is the sheer number of blogs. People don't have time to comment on every post they read. I deliberately installed Disqus to get round the blogger problems but that has problems too. I also find that people comment via twitter a lot too.

  29. Hi there. I'm not sure. There are definitely more ways to let your voice be heard and to interact online now than when I first blogged (as GoneBackSouth) in 2008. Then there seemed to be more energy and fizz around blogdom (or maybe that was just my imagination). I think Twitter must have satisfied a need in some people that blogging might otherwise have ... it must be taking people away from blogging to a certain extent. They do call it 'micro-blogging' after all.

  30. Thank you for stopping by The Victorian Rabbit. I am amazed at how much we have in common. We have an autistic child in our home. And you book sounds like a must read. Your comments on leaving comment are great, as a new blogger they are all I have as feedback Thanks again.

  31. Thank you for stopping by The Victorian Rabbit. I am amazed at how much we have in common. We have an autistic child in our home. And you book sounds like a must read. Your comments on leaving comment are great, as a new blogger they are all I have as feedback Thanks again.

  32. You read my mind! Not to be whiney, but I think I write a really good blog and I get very few comments. Why do other blogs get so many? What are they doing? I want to know.

    Your blog is awesome, btw, and should get MORE comments.

  33. I know that people don't have time to comment these days, and I'm one of them, but I do make the effort. I make time to look at my fave blogs and give them some comment love!

    I will say that new bloggers should take note that you sometimes need to leave comments to get them. It's all about interacting with each other to build good blogging relationships.

    I'll keep commenting my lovely xxx

  34. I don't see the point of blogging if people won't/don't/can't share comments on a post. Even though I only have a handful of followers on both my writing and photo blogs, I love hearing what people have to say about what I post! And although writing is my passion, seeing comments is my way of knowing that people are actually paying attention and that my blogs are important to someone other than myself.

  35. Hey, long time reader here but I think this is only my second comment. I'll have to stop being so lazy and leave more feedback.

    Your blog is great and it's one of the first things I check on Google Reader every day. Keep up the good work!

  36. Hello!! Came to you again from MLM! I agree totally, I love comments, I know you are supposed to blog for yourself, but it seems a little pointless if it feels like no one is reading it. Maybe I am just needy and need clarification that people like me :-)

  37. It's lovely to get comments - if you don't then blogging is just soliloquy. But I also hope that people realise that if I don't comment very often it's because I'm crazily busy at work; I comment when I can but it's not always possible. I would imagine that's the case for a lot of bloggers.

  38. I think you get lots of comments because you write really interesting content Kathryn :) I usually just get a handful on the blog, but I do get comments and retweets and shares on twitter and Facebook. I'm happy that I've written something that people like once it gets lots of shares x

  39. I love comments - never get many but the ones I do I treasure! My broadband is iffy so sometimes I cannot keep up and comment as much as I would wish, the pitfalls of living in the country and other times I can't because my family needs me, ESP during the holidays and at weekends.

  40. LuceWoman Your blogs are most certainly not 98% nonsense. They are part of you and that's far from nonsense.

    Sarah Allen - Same here, blogging has opened many interesting doors to me.

    PhotoPuddle - Same, I'd much rather people commented on the blog than a quick reply on Twitter or Facebook. Makes it feel like your post has been appreciated.

    Kateab - I definitely agree with you. There are so many blogs now, that people find they have to compete and that takes the fun out of blogging in my humble opinion.

    Ahtena - Micro-Blogging indeed. That's exactly why I think blogging is becoming slightly threatened.

    Lorrie - welcome! Yes, comments are feedback and feedback is vital if we are to feel encouraged to continue blogging. It's important to comment on other blogs as much as you can in order to build a rapport.

    Terena - I haven't a clue what it is. I get frustrated sometimes when I go to a really shit blog and it's got dozens of comments - some posts are just a few lines and mean absolutely nothing!!

    Clareybabble - Great advice for new bloggers, comments are important. I think a lot of people have this problem about time but when they write a blog post on their own blog, they often expect comments don't they? Works both ways in my opinion!

    Sabrina - Absolutely, I don't see the point either. It's encouraging and a little ego-building, too. And comments are the jewel in the crown after all.

    BrokenBoone - Thank you for your kinds words. Yes, don't be lazy, give me feedback, lol.

    Mummy - I don't believe anyone blogs for themselves. What's the point in that? You might as well have a secret diary under your bed!!

    Liz - Yes, I think you're right. Busy lives prevent interaction, but I always see the ones who claim they are busiest, continuously on Twitter. Which begs the question, don't they have a couple of minutes to read a blog post? I guess they just don't want to read it.

    Blue Sky - Thank you for your kind words, I do my best!! It's a great feeling to know people have appreciated your work.

    Tattie - I treasure ALL my comments. Sometimes I fail to reply and that makes me feel bad but I do enjoy comments and knowing that people want to say something when they come here.

    Thank you for all your comments, they are very much appreciated.

    CJ xx

  41. Interesting. I must admit, I've been reading blogs but not commenting recently. Think it's due to lethargy more than any conscious decision. I still enjoy reading a lot of blogs, but don't feel like leaving my twopennyworth. (Witness "Mother of Shrek"'s latest post - engaging, but I didn't leave a comment).

    What is equally interesting is that blogs I read, but haven't commented on lately have not left comments at mine - I wonder if they only read and comment on their commentors?

  42. An interesting post. I am one of the guilty ones; I will read posts on various blogs and many times I don't comment. Sometimes it is out of shyness. But now that I have been blogging for over two years I see how much it encourages me when I see comments, especially when I've worked hard on a particular post. So, I'd like to tell you that I do enjoy your blog, whether or not I comment.

  43. Eso ocurre a veces, la gente tiene sus ocupaciones y obligaciones y no siempre se dispone de tiempo para comentar en los blogs.
    un grato placer pasar a leerte.
    que tengas un feliz fin de semana.

  44. It seems many things are contributing to lack of comments. first: Blogger has been awful!
    also like you said twitter is taking over a little people want to read less and less. If you notice many people are also doing video blogging. Who knows. Is there an exact science to all this? For now I will just have fun.

  45. My blog seems to get a lot of traffic & some nice comments on twitter. But doesn't get a lot of comments on the blog. Does this mean those that read my posts don't like the post if they haven't commented? I think if u visit a blog u should try & leave at least a comment most of the time. If you've nothing to say, at least say hello!

  46. Hi Crystal, I think alot of your readers left great comments. Blogging is 'now' and however it is done,ie blogs, twitter, facebook,it's here to stay. Comments are the icing on the cake. Getting them are our bonus. I love to see that someone is following me and cares enough to comment. But some days I am racing through life and only glance through blogs. If they make me smile, I should take the seconds to say so.
    Yours mostly makes me smile just so you know.

  47. I agree with so much of what has been said here. My main barrier to commenting is a pure and simple lack of time. Take this comment for example, I first read this post on Fri, the day it was published, intending to leave a comment there and then. I got distracted; phone calls, kids, meals needing cooking, a theatre trip yesterday, football tournament with Son of Mine today...

    ... see? Interrupted again...

    ... The further I delve into the blogging world, the more I discover to explore - I want to visit all the bloggers that have commented on this post for starters.

    Of course, I am also reading a rather good book that's taking up a fair bit of time ;-)

  48. Tracy - I hope that book is a good one... Do recommend it if you think so.

    CJ xx

  49. Too subtle? Oh, ok the book is Discovery at Rosehill - only a few chapters in, but thoroughly enjoying the atmosphere of this supernatural romance by this blog's very own Kathryn Brown...

  50. I've only been writing my blog for about a month and had a couple of comments (thank you for yours, CJ - I did try to post a reply but it wouldn't let me!). I don't write for the express purpose of receiving feedback but it is lovely to get an unexpected comment. I write to record things that my children have said or done, usually, but it's nice to know that people read it and agree with the sentiment or whatever. They make a big difference.


  51. I visit a few blogs that don't have a comment facility - they're usually specialist history-type things. Oddly enough, the history blogs written by academic historians who, you would think, don't *need* comments, usually DO have the facility.

    I suspect some people are getting so hacked off with people who only comment to distribute their own web link - and of course, nasty comments - that they've decided they don't need them.

    In my case it helps that I seem to have a ferociously-effective spam filter that has always caught the really irrelevant comments (catsuit, anyone?).

    Odd, though, as you say - I've found that people have added enormously to my factual knowledge - there's always a specialist out there who knows more than me! - and it gives you feedback if you're talking rubbish.

    Which, of course, you never do :)

  52. Comments are baffling as you say - sometimes I get loads, sometimes hardly any, and I have no idea what makes the difference. I do always try to comment when I visit other people though, as I know how much the feedback means to me. Lovely new pic at the top of the blog by the way :) x

  53. I've read that where social engagement (blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) is concerned, you can expect at best to be getting 5% of your followers participating. This doesn't mean that the others aren't reading, absorbing and interested. It's just that the vast majority of folks who follow you aren't active participants.

    Sometimes as well, it's the nature of the content. Does it engage readers? Prompt them to think and respond? Does it give them a good enough hook to feel they can add something of value to the conversation? Obviously, this post you've just written does.

    Finally, are those who aren't getting responses working the social aspect as well as those who do get response? Do they tweet about their blogs? Do they follow and comment on other blogs? Do they inspire others to spread the word about them? I found your blog post through someone I follow on Twitter who tweeted your link saying something interesting about it which made think I needed to check it out. A well-written post isn't necessarily the same thing as a post which inspires people to take action.

    The past, the present, and the future of blogging is about blogs that are well-written, to-the-point, thought-provoking and action-inspiring. Bloggers who succeed will be writing these kinds of posts as well as reaching out to and engaging with others.

  54. I've never had very many comments on my blog and accepted that perhaps what I wrote wasn't everyone's cup of tea, so I'd just like to say, thanks very much for your comments! Recently comments have become more regular, then just as I got used to them they stopped again! I write best when I write for myself which is why the comments I do get and those that leave them come to mean such alot to me.
    It's some journey blogging! Personally I love the practice of it and finally venturing out to see who else is out here!
    I think blogging's future is quite safe!

  55. I didn't comment on blogs for a long time out of shyness. Now I always try to if I'm reading, even if it's just to say hello. I love it when my blog gets comments, and I love that they are really chatty ones on the whole. The joy of blogging is meeting other people and seeing the world through different eyes.

  56. Comments are where community is built, and relationships made. In my opinion they're vital for blogging.


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