Friday, 13 December 2013

Millionaire Scrimper? Mind Your Own Business.

I read something this week that I really struggle to get my head around. Apparently, a millionaire footballer was seen going into a Pound Shop to buy festive 'treats'; not sure if that meant gifts or just items for his own use, but the media source of this information has construed it to mean gifts.


There are so many things wrong with this report it beggars belief. In my opinion, at any rate.

Is it anyone else's business where we buy our festive 'treats' from? Is it right that a discussion should be started in order to determine why this millionaire was in a Pound Shop in the first place? And, most importantly, isn't it the thought that counts when buying someone a gift?

I really wonder about society these days. People seem obsessed with the expense of everything - I'm always moaning about things being expensive myself but I'd like to think I wasn't shallow-minded enough to question why a well-off friend or family member bought me a gift from a cheap shop.

Of course, we all know how much the media hype things up and get us all hot under the collar, but seriously, isn't this millionaire footballer entitled to buy what the hell he likes? I am actually astounded that this has even been a subject for discussion. Don't the Royal Family buy little nik-naks for each other as a token gesture, mainly because none of them really 'need' anything, and the things they do need they can get their hands on any time of the year...? Maybe this millionaire chap was doing the same.

If someone gave me a gift at Christmas that had obviously cost very little, they would get the same treatment as someone who'd given me a gift that cost a lot; i.e. a thank you letter, a huge smile and a grateful acknowledgement that someone had thought me worthy enough to spend money on. And besides, we have good friends who give us a homemade gift some years - usually a knitted hat. It shows thought and consideration.

So let's put this into perspective shall we... Giving a gift to someone is a wonderful gesture. The fact it was from the Pound Shop or Harrods matters not. If you're more bothered about how much your gift cost, then perhaps you should cancel Christmas.

p.s. as it's my Birthday today, I shall expect your gifts wrapped and on my doorstep by midday. (wink)


  1. So what if he chooses to shop at Poundland. Maybe he was buying chocolates and things or maybe Christmas decorations. It just goes to show that they're only human like the rest of us. x
    Have a lovely Birthday Kathryn xx

  2. I LOVE Poundland. It's a great place to get bargains and stuff at much cheaper prices. I have seen plenty of people in there, who can probably afford to shop in far better places, but if they, like me, like a bargain, and know they can save money, then good for them. Maybe the footballer in question knew what he wanted and hadn't been able to find it elsewhere (I recently got some gluten and dairy free chocolate coins in Poundland, when all the more expensive shops and brands had failed to produce)
    Happy Birthday, it's after midday, but I can send a gift wrapped cat or two round or the remains of the Poundland chocolate? ;) Hope you have had a good day so far, and some nice plans in place for later?

  3. There are a million reasons why he might have been in there and no, it's none of our business. People like that can't really win though 'cause if he'd been spotted in Harrods buying hundred pound Christmas baubles he'd have been flayed alive too.

  4. Totally agree with you. Happy Birthday, I hope that your day is a lovely one. x

  5. This is news????? Evidently they're short of something to report on! Who cares where they buy their gifts from, as you say; none of our business!
    p.s. Happy Birthday!

  6. Okay, first of all it took me a minute for my American brain to decipher Pound Shop, but I got it LOL!

    In response I shall say this: To you and me, it doesn't matter where the millionaire dude gets his gifts, but unfortunately most of the world gets their jollies making issues out of non-issues such as this. Personally I think it's a waste of time, but what do I know?

    What I do know is that you can get a lot of cool stuff at the Pound Store - or as we call it here, the Dollar Store. I love going into those places, because you just never know what kinds of great stuff you're going to find!

  7. and one more thing: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)

  8. Happy birthday.

    Maybe he had a lot of one thing to buy like we do for brownies. (Kids squad or something) Or Giving expensive gifts to people that can't afford to do the same and can cause embarrassment. Perhaps he was being a caring person.

  9. Belated happy birthday CJ. I've not been around for a while, but it's good to see the old CJ is still there, feisty and opinionated as ever! You are right of course, Christmas should be about the thought not the amount of money spent. I don't actually do Christmas, just send a little something to my closest female friends, such as a silly tree ornament for one, a nice locally handmade soap for another, small sketchbook for an arty friend, things that show, I hope, that I put more thought than noughts into the gift, but safe in the knowledge that to them, it is the thought that counts anyway.
    I also agree that it's nobody's business where the millionaire buys his gifts, or why he was in there. But that's the problem with 'celebrity' isn't it, and the readiness of mobile phones with cameras doesn't help! Their life isn't their own really, but I can't find it in me to feel sorry for them all the same.

  10. I so agree with you. It's nobodies business where presents are bought.
    Hoping you have a very Happy Birthday! Now if I lived close enough I would leave you a little prezzie!
    Have a lovely time.
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  11. Belated birthday wishes, hope you had a good one, with lots of pressies!
    I agree too, who cares where millionaires or celebrities shop, it's their money so their business.
    It must be awful to have your every moved watched and documented!

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Sorry I missed it on Friday (slaps wrist)

    I am totally with you on this. I don't give a stuff. And then to list what he had bought? Invasion of privacy, much?

    Like you, I couldnt give a stuff. I would far rather he was saving his money and spending it wisely than pissing it up the wall like many of them seemed to have done

  13. Maybe pound shop is conveniently close to where he lives. Maybe it is his fave shop from before he was famous? The media are scumy at times, i agree with the majority here.... This shouldn't have been news.


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