Monday, 9 June 2014

Celebrity Life

I knew I had to do something today, I just couldn't remember what it was: write a blog post. Bit late in the day for me as I used to be a meticulous nine-o'clock-er, scheduling posts then spending most of the day parading through Blog-Land catching up with everyone else's. Those were the days of comments and interaction. I was talking to someone recently about how personal blogs seem to be becoming a thing of the past now, as though people's lives aren't interesting enough to document anymore and we have to somehow find a way to make money from our blogs, thus justifying the endless hours of trawling the Internet. I've come full circle, however. In the good old days I would tell you all about myself, my life on the farm, being an author, a farmer's wife, mum to a special needs child, and I think on a few occasions I might have revealed a few skeletons from my cupboards. I've never gone down the making-money route of blogging because it doesn't interest me (the working with outside companies bit, not the making-money bit), but I've done my fair share of promoting authors and crediting other bloggers' work. And I've been fortunate enough to have that reciprocated, I'm pleased to say.

So now what? I recently had a fabulous feature published in our local newspaper, The Journal, which was spread over two pages, and I felt really proud. The photographer, Tim, made me feel comfortable and very much at ease, a little like a celebrity if I'm honest, though I hardly look like one. And the journalist who did the write-up made a sterling job of it. I thought I'd probably told him too much at first, about my past and a life that now seems like it belonged to someone else, but he really did me justice and didn't make me look like the idiot I felt after I'd put the phone down following our interview.

There are things happening in my life once again, nothing too untoward fortunately, but stuff that I need to concentrate on and perhaps give more time that I'm actually committing to. But on the whole, I've made a new friend and got closer to old ones, heard a fabulous rendition of a Dire Straits song that could quite easily be used in the Rosehill books, which are selling well (yippee), and I'm looking forward to a future of which I have no idea will turn out. I might have been scared about that prospect once, but we can't prevent what hides around the corner, not unless we already know.


  1. Congratulations on the article. You sound as if you are going through a happy phase at the moment with nice things on the horizon. I've had lots of approaches to go in with other people or make money out of my blog, but that was never why I turned to blogging and don't want to be beholden to others because of some commercial tie. I just chug along under my own steam.

  2. I just have had time to blog or read blogs much lately. I think that blogging waxes and wanes for most of us. I miss reading all the blogs I used to read. I am way behind on the lives of others who blog. It was great to hear about the article. Is there any way you can share the finished product with us? I'd love to read it.

  3. Congrats on the article. It looked fab in the pictures you posted but I can't wait for you to post the link to it. Enjoy every minute of your celebrity-ness, or should that be celebrity-ism, or whatever... ENJOY! It's most well deserved.

  4. Just visited again and have seen your new titile photo - what a gorgeous looking gal you are.A beautiful photo.

  5. Thank you, Addy, that's extremely kind if you to say x

  6. Love your new header.
    Congrats on the article and the books selling so well!
    Hope you will continue to blog though!
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  7. Hi CJ, I have been keeping up with all your news, although have been very slack about commenting. Love the new header picture, you look fab. Congratulations on the lovely article.


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