Wednesday, 16 July 2014

How Not To Win An Election

So there's been a lot of chat in the news recently about female cabinet ministers and our current Government wishing to employ women in politics. I don't think that's a bad idea at all. Women aren't second-class citizens or inferior to men, and they are more than capable of leading this country. We have a very professional and dedicated local councillor here in Northumberland who's doing a fine job for us; her campaigning alone is a credit to her committed approach for our region.

But let's get this into perspective: I don't normally blog about politics because a) I find it too boring, and b) it's such a controversial topic to discuss that most people just click off. Who can blame them?  Not me, that's for sure. However, apart from the article in (I believe) the worst newspaper since the hacking scandal, though it could be the worst newspaper ever created, there is yet another ridiculous write-up about women politicians, what they wear and how they look. WHO CARES?

We are living in the 21st century. 2014. Women are just as entitled to work as men are and if they are the better person for the job in a line up of cabinet ministers then so be it. I couldn't care less if our female politicians turned up in a black bin liner with straw in their hair. So long as they can sort this country out what on earth does it matter? It's not just the talked-about article that has irritated me though, it's the whole fact that this is even being discussed in the first place. There are some absolute dicks in Parliament, never mind the Cabinet, yet they are never judged on what they wear. Women, it seems, are judged on just about everything, yet least of all what policies they have and how good at their job they are. The majority of our politicians are very middle to upper class and have little knowledge about us plebs at the bottom of the pile. We can assume that is because they either aren't interested or they just don't want to be associated with the working class - or should I say "hardworking people"?

So let's stop worrying about what our female politicians are wearing, how they style their hair, whether they're in heels or flats and whether or not they've put lipstick on; let's ask how competent they are at lifting the country from its knees. Sexism is everywhere and perhaps our Prime Minister is trying to eradicate it in his Cabinet reshuffle, though the cynical side of me thinks this could have something to do with the forthcoming General Election and the possibility that a more feminine approach to politics might just tempt our younger generation of women to vote for the Premier and his team. Who knows? And like I said, who cares? Do the job properly and you'll get my vote whatever colour bin bag you choose to wear.


  1. Can you just imagine this..... "Mr John Smith, newly-elected MP for Chiping Sodbury was seen at a meeting in Downing Steet last night, wearing a Marks and Spencer grey suit, red and green-chequered tie with blue socks and open-toed sandals."

  2. No one gives a toss what men MPs are wearing so why should everyone worry about what women MPs wear?
    Discrimination is rife everywhere. We should be judging by actions & nothing else.
    I can feel a rant coming on!
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May


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